Nancy Nicolson

Nancy Nicolson
melodeon player
or, if you wish,
'Cultural Crofter'

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Biography & Beliefs

I believe it is the right of all in a society to experience and participate in its root culture. This
is essential both to develop the full potential of the society and its individuals, and to
ensure the continued survival and well-being of the culture’. Nancy Nicolson, Dec 1998

Warmth, Wit and Wisdom
As writer, singer, storyteller, and animateur,  Nancy Nicolson communicates the life and
culture of Scotland with rare warmth and energy, and her own brand of wit and wisdom.
In  May 09,  as a guest at  Ullapool Book Festival she held a 10am  audience spellbound
with stories, songs and logic rooted in her childhood on a croft in Wartime Caithness. She
had the audience singing in the first minute, and covered every subject from bootleg
whisky to the Second Coming, punctuating  with  melodeon tunes and songs that hit the
mark every time.

Instant Ceilidh
While resident musician at the Royal Oak Folk Bar in Edinburgh, she was described by
one regular as ‘an instant ceilidh’. This still holds true. Impromptu ceilidhs have emerged
around NN at EIS conferences (frequently along with Robin Harper MSP); on commuter
trains with Irish Rugby Fans  and the connivance of the ticket collector; at numerous stage
doors (inside with the staff,  not outside busking) and at the drop of a hat in the Royal Oak,
day or night.    

She believed she could not sing
Nancy came late to singing, believing, like so many others, that she could not sing.       
Aged 33 she began to sing at Edinburgh Folk Club, and soon after started to write songs
and to play melodeon. Since then she has sung on some of Scotland’s finest stages:
Queen’s Hall Edinburgh, The Glasgow Royal Concert Hall and Glasgow City Halls.

A responsibility to encourage others
Nancy now sees it as her responsibility to encourage others to find their voices,               
and in this field  has had many successes.